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Yet Another Step Towards YouTube Domination – Daily Blog #41


Two days ago I wrote about an Oscars advert and the future of Youtube. In it, I shared my excitement for the future of the platform and general digital content as a whole.

I honestly do believe that we are right on the cusp of a huge change in how people subscribe to entertaining content and the days of TV them are numbered.

Last night a new service, soon to be available in the US only, was announced. That new service is called YouTube TV. And trust me, this is huge.

Not only have YouTube managed to partner up with some pretty big players in the cable scene, but they’ve also done-so without needing to include long contracts or payment schemes.

The service will be a month on month service, just like Netflix, that you can cancel at any time. It gives access for six people and includes unlimited “Sky+” style DVR recording.

It’s not launched yet, but it will be soon, and I’m looking forward to reviews and feedback.

The unfortunate thing is that it will likely be a while before it makes its way over the pond. These negotiations between TV stations and internet giants are usually long and drawn out, and I doubt that The BBC, Sky, or RTE will be too happy about someone coming into their territory.

All that said, I am excited. Very excited. Like I said the other day, the next few months and years are going to bring a lot, and I’m even more eager¬†now to see what that looks like!

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