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What I Wish Ireland Would Take From Canada – Daily Blog #17

Yesterdays post could come across as me not being too big of a fan of Canada, but that’s not the case; although I do think Canada should get its finger out with all those things, overall this country is pretty damn good.

To keep the playing field even, I figured I’d share the 5 things that I really wish Ireland would steal from Canada.

1. Car2Go

I mentioned yesterday that Calgary really should get its act together and get a bike sharing scheme, but to be fair that they had a car sharing scheme that works on a similar basis. This service is quick, easy and all things considered, pretty damn cheap.

Dublin does have a car sharing scheme, but it’s pretty shoddy at best and I don’t know a single person that uses it. I’d just love it that scheme was scrapped and the Car2Go guys set up shop in Dublin, too.

2. NoName

NoName is a brand of general household consumables that get the job done for a very low price. As an example, surface cleaning wipes come in packs of 30 for just over a dollar. Of course, they have loads of things like bin liners, kitchen roll, and even tinned food like beans and legumes too.

I really love the cleaning stuff – it means you’re not breaking the bank to be able to easily keep your house clean. Getting a similar kind of set up in Ireland would be class.

3. Debit/Credit Card Acceptance

Although Ireland is pretty good for places that accept card as payment, Canada’s electronic payment game is on point. Taxi drivers, take away delivery people and even street food dealers have card machines, meaning you never really need to carry cash.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever had a handful of actual Canadian dollar notes.

Ireland gets around this through services that use internet payment processes to get the same job done, but having a wireless terminal works out to be a much better solution.

4. Home Heating

Shit, it’s expensive in Ireland. So damn expensive. Comparing that to my apartment now, heating and gas is paid for meaning I’ve a nice toastie front room to sit in and a nice fire to look at.

This isn’t odd either as most apartments and houses have this kind of set up mainly through necessity. Having sub par home heating isn’t an option when it’s -40 outside.

A part of the reason I eventually want to build my own house down the line is having total control over insulation and thermal design just so I don’t end up paying a large fortune keeping the snot from running down my nose!

5. A&W

Best fast food ever. Without doubt. Papa Burger with double bacon, double cheese and a side of coke and fries. Get in my belly.

Obviously, there are going to be pro’s and con’s when comparing any two countries, but if we could get a combination of both, I’d be a happy man.

Not too much to ask for, right?

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