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We’re All Living In A Jungle, Bleeding From Our Abdomen’s – Daily Blog #32

You’re in the jungle.

Surrounded by trees.

Animals are making noises.

The air is hot and sticky.

You are alone.

You are lost.

And you’re bleeding profusely from your abdomen.

You’ve got two options – Lay down and die, or get up and find some help.

In our mod-con world, most would choose option “don’t want to die, please”. But maybe the reality of the situation that lead to being in such a predicament has you exhausted and just done with the entire thing. Maybe death would even be a welcome change.

But let’s be real, chances are you’re not feeling that right now so you’re probably going to go with saving yourself. I’d pick that too, of course.

Thing is, though, you’re probably closer to this situation than you think and actually do have problems that are killing you, even if it is just slowly from the inside out. 

  • Money
  • Career
  • Health
  • Relationships

No single person is immune to the problems of modern life and everyone has their fair share of issues. But the real painful part of it all is that no one is coming to save you. There is no cavalry traipsing through the jungle to come and find you, to save you from your problems.

Nope. All you’ve got is you.

And unless you do something about it, your just going to be left wallowing in it all until the day you die.

Not happy about that? Then go do something about it.

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