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Time Travel, Laura Croft, And Steam Sales – Daily Blog #24

I was a bit of a gamer growing up. Not a huge one now, but I did have my fair share of Gameboy and PlayStation titles, with two series standing out as being clear favorites.

These were Metal Gear Sold and Tomb Raider.

If I had to pick, MGS would have to be number one; the story line and game play modes just sucked me right in. And although I’m yet to play the very latest game, all the rest have lived up to any hype I’ve had for them.

Tomb Raider is a very close second though, and although I remember each game with significantly less detail then the MGS ones, I still have a soft spot for that cracking intro.

Back a couple of years ago I swiped up the entire catalog of Tomb Raider games for something stupidly cheap on steam. At the time I got through just the first one, but today I decided to start digging into Tomb Raider II.

As soon as I got stuck into the second level (Venice), I had very vivid flashbacks of where I was the first time I played it. I can remember what the weather was like, the way I was sitting and even what time of the year it was (just after my birthday, should you be interested).

I think it’s crazy because if you’d have asked me two seconds before hand, I’d not have been able to tell you any of those things, but yet the game just brought it all right back.

This kind of memory recovery has always been a wonder to me and I love when things like this happen. I wonder if any of the rest of this game or the subsequent titles that I’ll eventually get around to will bring to light any more flashes of the past!

In the mean time I’m going to give Marty a call.

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