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This Is The End? – Daily Blog #76

The more astute of you will have realised that it has almost been a full week since Daily Blog #75, which isn’t exactly daily now is it? I thought that a day or two away from the keyboard would have me coming back refreshed and excited, but 6 days later I’m still wishing I had more time off.

The idea behind daily posts was to improve my writing. Or at least improve my confidence in writing; at the time my messages felt lofty, drawn out, and not really delivering the key messages I was trying to get out there.

That annoyed me. And after six years of writing I felt like I still didn’t know what I was doing. Daily writing was a way to try to fix that.

And while initial results were very positive, over time it began to feel more like a chore, something I was doing just to get it done. Posts felt unfinished, under researched, and just not worth reading. And if I don’t think they are worth reading, then why the hell should you?

Does this mean I’m done? Absolutely not.

I will be taking a few more days away from the keyboard, but I will be coming back to test out some new writing schedules. I’ll still be posting more often than before, but posts will not be rushed to meet a 24 hour deadline and I’ll be giving them the time they need to get 80% of the way to perfection.

And while this feels like a failure now, continuing wouldn’t be because I think it’s the best thing to do, but only because it’s a habit. And that’s been my downfall before.  If I was really doing this to get better at writing, then a new approach is needed.

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