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The Unforeseen Problem With Emigration – Daily Blog #9

One of the obvious downsides of emigration has to be leaving family and friends behind. Although, I did leave great Guinness behind too, which was worse then I had expected.

Joking aside, that’s usually regarded as the worst thing about moving away – being away from those you care about most.  The internet helps, what with Skype and free messaging through Whatsap, but that only keeps you tied over. It’s not until you actually see each other face to face before you realise just how much you missed them.

The good thing is though that unless you’re moving for good, it’s nice to know that with good friends it won’t feel like you ever left at all when you get back. Over Christmas I ‘shot the shit’ with all my buddies back home as if I had never left, and it was great. Great.

There is one side of temporary emigration, though, that is rarely considered, and that’s leaving behind the friends you make on the far side. Now, my time here in Calgary has been life changing for a number of reasons, and it might have cost me every dime of savings I’ve ever had, but it was an experience I don’t regret taking.

But now that it’s looking like I’ll be home pretty soon, it’s a little scary to think what will happen to the friendships I’ve crafted over here that I really and truly appreciate. Even at the best of times I’m lazy with picking up the phone and making that call to a friend, but when time zones and different cultures come into play it’s even worse.

It is a kind of first world problem though, one I should be grateful to have – I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that would love to have made as many life long friends as I have – but it still sucks that now we’re going to have to work that much harder to keep those channels open.

Really, we should appreciate those we care about more when we can, and not just when you don’t get to see them often! So, to all my friends out there in the big wide world, thanks for coming along for the ride!

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