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The Ultimate New Years Resolution Guide

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2016 is upon us and no doubt many of you have “Resolutions” to bring into the new year.

Here are the tools I use to help me stay committed to the game when I want to achieve anything!

  1. Focus Your Aim
    We all have a long list of things we want to change or improve on and we wish for perfection in everything we do! The truth is that perfection is rarely achieved and is always something we chase. As we get closer to it we end up moving the goalposts.Aiming for perfection and nothing short if it will guarantee failure!So rather than trying to change everything all at once, pick one thing we really want and focus on that.This will help reduce the impact on our lives and allow us to hone our efforts towards one goal.
  2. Consider it a “Will Do”, not a “I Hope To”, list.
    Our mindset plays a much bigger part in achieving goals then most think. Going into anything with a negative mindset is, for some, already considered a failure.Take for example a difficult exam. In the preceding weeks you realise your behind and decide to give up. You expect to fail. Your study’s affected because “Whats the point” and you go into it with little work done. Boom, fail grade. If, instead, you decide to stay positive, the study comes easier and you start to believe you can do well! You’re more likely to do well!Goals are no different. If you set out to “Hope” to get something done, chances are you wont.  Any roadblock that comes up has you thinking “Ah well I tried”. “Will Do”, on the other hand, means that when a roadblock arrives, you chose to overcome it!
  3. Start Small, Finish Big
    The excitement of something new usually has us energized and focused. We want to jump right in and get started as fast as possible. Totally normal!The problem is that this excitement doesn’t last forever.A few weeks in the novelty is gone and the hiccups come thick and fast. Life goes on and before you know it the resolutions have been dead in the water for months.Familiar story, right?My advice? Don’t rush into it! Make it as simple and as easy as possible. Start slow and finish strong. Make the smallest change or commitment possible. Role with that until its normal! Rinse and repeat!Often the smallest changes bring the biggest results!
  4. Track progress and reward yourself.
    Many people get lost focusing on the end goal and forget the journey. When things get though they belittle the progress they have already made! Tracking gives you a way to remember just how far you’ve come!The truth is that the end goal is only one aspect of importance. Reward yourself at predetermined milestones and appreciate your progress.The end goal may be the aim, but getting closer to it is also a huge win!
  5. Document why its a goal
    There will be days where we want to trow in the towel. Days where nothing goes to plan and it all goes to shit. We start to ask ourselves why we are putting ourselves through all this hardship. This is inevitable and if you aren’t prepared to deal with it, you’ll be doing well to stick the course.Listing out reasons for the goal gives us something to reaffirm our choices. It reminds us that the effort will be worth the results.Reading “Being overweight makes me unhappy” could be the difference between sticking or quitting!
  6. Have accountability
    As I have mentioned before here, having accountability is key in staying on track. Making people aware of your goals gives you a “fear” of failure.I’ve found that most people are nothing but supportive and interested! They ask how its going and are happy to see you do well. Having this support and a group of people to answer too is essential to not just giving up when it gets too hard!
  7. Fuck the haters
    Most people are nice, but not all. For one reason or another people will expect you to fail!Maybe its because you tried before or because they couldn’t do it themselves.In any case, expect it to happen. Be prepared for it.The only thing you can do is ignore them. As soon as you acknowledge it, you start to believe it yourself!

If you follow these tips, you will be very well equipped to tackle all your aims for 2016. Take it slow and steady, and just like to tortoise you will be sure to win the race!

As always, reach out to me if you would like any support or guidance when setting our or trying to achieve goals! I’m always happy to help!

Oh, and happy new year!