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The Sport of Swiss Farmers – Daily Blog #5

I had only realised I’d forgotten about it as someone was talking about another crazy sport they knew off. Visions of a video I had seen years before instantly started flashing back into memory.

I was convinced I had seen it, but no amount of time on google could yield even a slight sniff of what it might be. Honestly you’ve no idea how long I spent looking for it.

I’ve no idea how long I spent looking for it. Hours, hours, and hours of time wasted looking for this god damned video.

It was so long that I was actually starting to doubt if I had ever seen it at all; maybe I’d just made it all up in my head. I mean, I’d only watched it the once back in 2008/2009, so chances are it could have been a dream.

But then, one day, roughly 4 years or so after I ‘remembered’ forgetting it, I just got fleeting feeling that it began with a H. I already knew it was from somewhere in the Scandinavian region, and was played in the hills, so I decided I’d give my search one more try…

Success has never tasted so sweet.

Let me share with you the video I had seen, forgotten about, remembered, and spent years looking for. A video on Hornussen – The Sport of Swiss Farmers.


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