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The Simple Reason People Never Achieve Their Goals

Picture this: You’ve just moved into a new house and need to get it furnished! Most of the mod-cons are already in place but you still need one thing – Something to put the TV on!

Right now it’s just sitting on the floor which is hardly the best for viewing angles! Today’s goal is getting something to set it on!

Knowing that there are stands dedicated for TV’s, off you head to Ikea to pick one up. After boundless frustration and countless hours you’ve pulled together the flat pack stand and it looks great!

You relax, grab yourself a beer and enjoy the TV at a more natural height! Job done.

This all fell into place because you set a goal and implemented it! You defined the problem, chose a solution and used your start and end points to give direction. This direction allowed you to list actions you could take to get from start to finish and end up with a TV stand!

Having a clear goal with even clearer actions was key to getting what you wanted.

Lets say though that rather than breaking down the problem this way, all you did was say you didn’t want the TV on the floor. You knew something needed to be done and just launched into it.

You decide that because Ikea sells TV stands, anything from there will do the trick! You pick up something, spend time putting it together only to realise you’ve bought a wardrobe not a TV stand. What gives? Was Ikea the wrong place to look for a solution?

You felt like you were being proactive, working towards your goal, but still didn’t end up where you wanted to be! This happened because although you were taking action, you never stopped to see if it was the right action.

This happens ALL THE TIME with strength and nutrition.

People realise that they are unhappy with their bodies and need to do something about it. They launch into what they are “supposed” to do and dedicate themselves to the cause. But they never stop to think if this action is the right action or if it’s just something that’s keeping them busy. Something that creates the illusion of forward progress.

People will join a friend in the gym or follow along with a popular diet because it’s what other people do, never taking stock of where these actions will take them. They spend time, effort and energy in being “proactive”, only to realise they are still no closer to their own goal.

Talk about soul-destroying!

There is good news though – This problem is easy to fix. So long as we review the actions we take we can make sure they are leading us down the right path.

If you decide to take on a new health and fitness goal, take the time at the start to plan. Review your goals and decide what exactly it is you hope to achieve. Use these start and end points to list out the right actions that you need to take to progress forward.

Doing this usually overlooked step will maximise your progress and yield results that will bring you closer to your goal!

I actually cover this process in much more detail in my up and coming book – Body Goal Basics.

Along with covering the in’s and outs of goal setting and implementation, I also cover nutrition and training. I aim to clarify all the confusion that exists within the industry and give you a framework for success.

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