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The Life Of Brian Mujati – Daily Blog #7

Yesterdays post was about my issues dealing with consistency, structure and having an addictive personality. The TL:DR is essentially that 750+ gym days without missing a single one sounds good, but brought to light a lot of problems I need to stay on top of.

And although bingeing* on something is rarely a good thing, a huge vice I have is spending far too much time watching YouTube videos.

My current favorite is a Vlog by professional rugby player Brian Mujati, one I was directed towards sometime around last November.

The series, called “The Life Of Brian”, is essential just a simple collection of videos on what it’s like to be a professional rugby player based in the UK. And although that doesn’t sound too exciting, Brian could very well be my favorite vlogger ever.

The reason I like him and his videos so much is because he comes across as a very pensive, dedicated and driven man who isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty when trying to improve his skills. It’s clear that he takes pride in his work and spends a great deal of time trying to get better at his craft.

And if that wasn’t clear from just how much better his shooting and video production has come along, it without doubt is when he’s talking about his other passions; cooking, rugby, and beer.

The beer is a good one to bring up actually because it’s a topic he covers quite a bit in his videos.

Just take a look at a beer review video of his I’ve included below. This video, I feel, is a real testament to his skills, mainly because of how easily he gets his passions for beer across to the viewer. I mean, even if you have NO interest in beer whatsoever, it’s a video you could easily get drawn into.

And I find that element of his personality, the mindset of striving to learn and improve your passions as much as you can, to be highly motivating and inspiring.

Nate Green said something similar a few years ago, and you’ll have to forgive me because I’m paraphrasing here, something along the lines of “Once you find something you’re interested in, go as deep as you can with it. Learn everything you can about it and share your passions with others.” 

This way of thinking is highly inspirational to me and I think Brian captures this essence perfectly. He makes me want to build a life full of hard work, cracking meet, and some incredible beer.

Keep it up Brian, keep it up!

* Bingeing? Binging? Google was no help.

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