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The First Step to Being a Good Employee


I might not be out of college long and I most certainly don’t have a ball of experience under my belt, but one skill I’ve picked up in my short professional career is how to be a good employee. I know this because not only have I been given opportunities to expand my skill set, increased responsibilities and promotions, I’ve been outright told that I’m a good employee. So, what do I do that makes me  a good employee?

I don’t have a sense of entitlement

My outlook on work boils down to this simple statement  I don’t believe that just because I do the bare minimum required of me that I am ‘doing my job’. I believe that if I work hard, do everything to the best of my ability, grab every opportunity with both hands and show that I truly care about the company, the product and the people around me that then and only then am I “doing my job”. I dont believe that I am entitled to a job just because I have a degree. I don’t believe that I’m entitled to a promotion because I’ve completed X amount of projects. I don’t believe I’m entitled to anything and I want to work for every single inch I’m giving during my professional career.

If you use facebook (not the most comprehensive source of information I know) to look around and see what people’s main complaints are  when it comes to work, its clear that not many people have this same outlook. A lot seem to think that because they got the job, passed the interview and their CV was up to scratch that the hard work is over. Yea they do what there asked to do, but do they do any more? They seem to have the outlook that once they have the job, coasting through doing whatever work lands on their desk is enough to get through the day. For some, this is fine, but I would consider it to be a sign of someone who is not driven and just plain lazy.

So if you want to be a good employee and really enjoy work, remove this idea of entitlement and get out there and do some hard graft. You might be surprised at just how much you enjoy it!