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The Fear Of Accountability

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Yet again, we are in December and at the end of another year. Although most of this season is about gifts and food, the topic of New Years Resolutions will enter some of our minds over the coming weeks. Most of us have changes in our lives we’d like to make, be that getting slimmer or learning something new.

As I’ve discussed before, setting strong habits is a great way to achieve those goals. They can help us rid old, bad habits and takes away the willpower element of staying on track. Another weapon that we have in our arsenal which will also help is accountability.

Accountability comes in many forms. It could be check in’s with a friend on the same journey. Social media updates on how we’re getting on. Even something as simple as a red check mark in apps like Accountability gives us something to fear.

Take, for example, school homework. If there was no punishment either at home or in school for not doing it, not a single one of us would have. In reality, there were repercussions. Be that either extra work, a note home or a failed grade. We had reasons to stay on top of our work and made sure to do so. Those students who didn’t care about that were usually the ones who didn’t bother. They had no accountability.

Achieving goals is no different. Without some fear or stress around failing to keep on track, we will continue to give up when it gets hard.

So as we begin to think of the new years resolutions we want to set, think about creating accountability too. Get a coach, pair up with a friend or do what I did and start a blog. The harder it is to avoid the better, because it makes the fear of failure even stronger.

Combining a set of killer, targeted habits with accountability will make it even easier to stay on track. Before long, your goals will be a reality and you can concentrate on chasing excellence.