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The Domino Effect

A shot taken on the ground, looking to a number of hot air balloons taking off!

Today, the 15th of January, marks the start of the third full week of the new year. We’ve had two full weeks of 2016, long enough to develop two groups of people;

Those of us who are sticking to our resolutions and those of us who are not.

For those of you who are still on the path you paved for yourself, keep going! That’s great progress and before long you’ll be closer to your goals then ever before!

But for anyone who’s starting to fall behind, whats going wrong?

  • Life getting too busy?
  • It’s taking up too much time?
  • Your dedication is starting to dwindle?
  • Didn’t have a plan made?

These are usually the most common reasons for things falling off the wagon. The things most people say are getting in their way.

This isn’t a coincidence, its all driven by one thing – taking on too much at once.

Some of you will have a long list of things to achieve this year. Learning a new language, starting in the gym or reading new books. All great and admirable things to set out too do, but doing them all at once is tough.

Or maybe you only had one particular goal. Things like fat loss or running a marathon are big enough in themselves for a years goal. You might be thinking then how can “one thing” be too much?

Within that goal, though, is are series of smaller steps you need to take to get there. For fat loss its learning to eat healthy, tracking meals, cutting out some food and drink. Maybe your also starting to exercise, which is even more for you to schedule in. Doing it all at once requires taking on a monumental amount of work.

The truth is that the more we try to take on, the more likely we are to fail. To make this worse, we start to get down on ourselves for not sticking to the plan. We start to doubt our abilities and question if we can see it out to the end.

We chose these goals because we want them to stick. In 1, 2 or 10 years time, we still want to be reaping the results. We don’t want to forget how to play guitar and we want the weight to stay off.

Being in a rush to achieve our goals is normal and understandable, but in ten years time do you think you’ll care if it took you an extra six months get there?

Of course not!

Achieving anything is about creating a domino effect. You start small and build up some easy results. Over time, increase your reach and stack up the progress. Each step only a little bigger then the one before.

Going at it this way makes it much easier to stay the course. We don’t have as much to be dedicated towards, have less things to schedule and fewer things to be tracking. Our motivation stays high as we knock these easy tasks out of the park and we believe we can do it.

So, take a look at your resolutions and the schedule you’ve set yourself? Are you taking on too much or going after it a bit too fast? Try scaling things back, maybe implement the 80/20 rule. Sure it might take a little longer, but this time your far more likely to actually get there!



“Getting Extraordinary results all about creating a domino effect in your life! Success is sequential, not simultaneous” – Gary Keller, The One Thing