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Spring, Jump, Splash – My analogy on how busy doesn’t yield results!

Not many people will agree with me on this but one of my favorite feelings in the world is that of free-falling!

Alright, getting jolted awake just before hitting the ground mid dream isn’t great, but comparing that to going over the crest of a hill? Man, that’s awesome!

I was never a huge swimmer as a kid, but something I always loved doing when the chance presented itself was getting a go on a diving board. There was never really any fear, what with it just being water below me, so I always gave it socks trying to get some momentum and height into my leaps.

Every time I’d try and use the spring boards leverage to get higher and higher. I’d push myself as hard as I could to get as much energy as possible before cannon balling myself gleefully into the, soon to be anything but, calm water below!

Man even now at 27 that sounds like something I’d be all over like a rash!

I actually heard this exact situation being used in an analogy recently and felt like it warranted a post!

When I’m up there on the board, working my little ass off to try to get higher, there is a lot going on. I’m timing my jumps to match the spring of the board. I’m pushing all my weight and power into my legs to try to drive myself upwards, and I’m also using my arms to try to get those last few inches of height! It looks like I’m consuming a lot of energy, because well, I am!

But here’s the catch; Until I actually take that leap and jump off the board, nothing changes.

I could be there for minutes, days or even years bouncing around thinking I was achieving lots, but until I actually make that leap I’m still just a man jumping up and down on a diving board.

I mean, I know I’ve already written about how difficult doesn’t mean effective, but this is a bit different. It all comes down to how being “busy” can give us the illusion of progress. You can spend all the time in the world getting perfecting your diving board jumps, but until you actually use it to propel you into the water it isn’t doing much good!

Now, that’s not to say that diving boards should be avoided at all costs; they are great tools that one can use to maximise the fun they have down in the local leisure plex. But remember, it’s not the bouncing that brings us joy, it’s the airtime that we get after!

So by all means, use whatever “diving board” you need to help you achieve your goals, but don’t waste your time bounding up and down on it when its the jump that follows that gets the real work done!