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Slow Cooked Ballymaloe Chicken – Daily Blog #15

Chicken here in Calgary is expensive. Really expensive. I mean, $50 dollars for a few standard fillets expensive.

Crazy prices – but I guess it’s because the climate is just too extreme to farm them anywhere close, meaning they are all imported.

A few weeks back I came across a deal for a pretty sizable portion of chicken legs that I jumped on. The plan was just to simply oven cook them, maybe marinating them before hand. Nothing crazy.

I’m a man of many sauces, so I split them up into groups of three and put them into some zip-loc bags along, each with one of a collection of sauces. BBQ, Chipotle Ranch, Sweet Chili, and Ballymaloe relish (A personal favorite of mine).

Today the day came around to attack the Ballymaloe relish ones, and rather than cooking them in the oven, I just tossed them into my slow cooker instead. Before turning it on, though, I thought they looked a little dry, so I added some pre-choped garlic, olive oil and a good amount of extra relish.

We were headed out for a bit so I stuck it on High for 5 hours.

The smell when I got back was incredible, and even that was nothing compared to the waft I got when I lifted the lid.

Seriously, you need to give this recipe a try. Let me break it down real quick:

  1. Marinate a handful of chicken legs overnight in some relish. Ballymaloe is what I recommend, obv’s.
  2. The next day, just toss them into a slow cooker with a good clump of chopped garlic and a dollop of olive oil.
  3. Cook on high for 4-5 hours.
  4. Come and agree with me at just how amazing it is.

This turned out so much better than I ever thought it would, so please let me know what you think if you do decide to give it a go.

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