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Shane’s Comprehensive Guide To Buying Stuff – Daily Blog #52

I can’t wait until the day I unbox my first drone. It’ll probably be a DJI Mavic pro, which comes with a hefty enough price tag, but it does have a shit load of good reviews. And while I have some history of flight and being in the sky, owning this thing would make capturing that viewpoint of life so much easier.

The only problem is that at any one time I’ve a laundry list of things I want to spend money on. And if I let my heart run away with my wallet I’d forever be a poor man.

To avoid this problem I’ve come up with a solution that regulates the things I buy to only those that I’ll actually use and enjoy. It’s real simple too…

All you need to do, is wait.

Yup, just wait.

Rather then doing what my heart wants -i.e: Instantly buy all the things with all the accessories and all the guides – I just stick it on a wish list and let it sit for a couple of months.

At this stage one of two things will happen. My excitement towards owning this thing will continue to grow and grow, or I’ll totally forget it even existed.

If I’m still excited about it a few months later, I buy it and if I’ve forgotten about it, well, what’s the problem?

It’s a simple system, but one I had to learn the hard way after a few years of buying things that ended up just sitting and gathering dust in the corner.

And while it’s not perfect, it does get me 90% of the way there.

Things have gotten through this that I ended up not enjoying and I have vetoed a couple of things that I actually didn’t want at all, but if I stick with it the system usually works it all out. So no, it’s not a foolproof, scientifically proven process, but it does help trim the fat a bit and keeps more of my money in my wallet at the end of the month.


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