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Scrawny To Brawny Progress – Seven Weeks In


Seven weeks ago I signed up for a Precision Nutriton course called Scrawny to Brawny. The course is 12 months long with the aim being to, well, go from scrawny to brawny. It’s open to new and seasoned gym goers alike and provides the applicant with a system of workouts, habits and nutritional help in order to achieve this. At the end a winner is picked who receives 10,000 USD in prise money. This winner is picked not only on size gain but also by how much they changed their lives and helped others on the programs forums.

I was on the fence about signing up for this program for some time. I mean, its essentially a year-long ‘bulk’ (Eating a huge amount of calories to grow muscle) which usually ads on high levels of fat also. I had worked so long and hard to get my body fat down that I was nervous and apprehensive about whether this program was for me. Although I do want to be a brawny mo’ fo’ and actually look like I spend as much time in the gym as I do, I definitely don’t want to get too fat again.

A couple of weeks before the S2B program started they held a twitter Q&A day where I asked all my questions and tried to get to the bottom of whether this program was for me. All my worries were put to rest and going by the responses I got along with the “results are typical” tagline on their website which outlines that the thousands of people who have done this before me have ‘typically’ ended up brawny and ripped, I decided to commit. Come May 7th, the pre sale opened and I was going to sign up.

The first few days of the program seen no activity at all. From Wednesday the 8th to Monday the 13th the only thing I had to do was mentally prepare and read some prep pages they have. The nervousness had set in. By the time the Monday rolled around I was back to worrying and fretting.

Once the Monday came the forums opened, the workouts started and the discussions began. It wasn’t long before my worries were put to rest. I was given pictures by two mentors on the course and they told their stories. They showed us pictures of them being fat and them ripped as hell. They knew the worries, they knew of the fear and they had come out the other side. Not only this, but my coach was a previous winner of the S2B program and definitely knew how the program worked. Since that point, I’ve not been too worried.

S2B works by setting you a number of ‘habits’ throughout the year. Each one is given two weeks to become exactly that, a habit, and part of your daily routine. It is through these habits that you are tailored to become more brawny from a nutrition and outlook on life stand point. The first one-off the mark was to have three ‘super shakes’ a day. A super shake consists of water, fruit, veg, nuts, protein, and some sort of topper. All in all they’re about 600 calories each. Before too long I noticed some fat gain and contacted coach. I didn’t know what was going to happen or what I really wanted to even know, but I had that resource available to me and decided to use it.

As soon as I got the reply, I was glad I did. Although they expect you to gain some fat during the course of the program and there is a period towards the end of the year which deals with this, they do want to minimise how much fat you put on. I was reduced down to one standard super shake a day along with another double scoop protein shake with some veg. It was clear to me from this point just how this program works and why it makes so many people huge.

You need to eat a lot to get big. A LOT. I used to think I knew how much that was. I didn’t. Most people like me will slowly add more and more food until the scale goes up, but once we see some fat gain, we stop and scale it down. The result is no fat gain, but no muscle gain either. S2B works the opposite way. Add all the food for people who don’t get fat easy and scale it down from there. The program is ‘all out’ and the only changes are when ‘all out’ is too much. Theres no half measures and there’s no half effort. One word I’d use to describe it is that it’s just BRAWNY.

This habit has been built upon further by further habits. Muscles breakfasts, vitamin and fish oil supplementation and corrective exercises. The program really brings all aspects of your life from scrawny to brawny. It’s not just your muscle mass. It’s your health, your posture, your out look on life and how you view the world around you.

To date, yes I have added some fat (I’d estimate only 1-1.5%), but the scale has gone up a pound a week. If that was to keep up over the year I’d be 52 pounds heavier come May ’14. Of course I don’t expect it to, but the numbers don’t lie, this program is working for me. Not only that, but I’m being held accountable. I’m no longer answering to myself any more. Every day I have tasks I have to complete and at the end of the day I have to chime in on whether I achieved them or not. I don’t have to plan ahead, or worry too much once I do as I’m told.

And that’s exactly why I joined S2B. Accountability. I made serious progress with my body since I took my health seriously, but I had reached a cross roads. I had no idea how to get to where I wanted to be, plus, I was drained from worrying about my logic, if I had taken account of everything  and if I had enough knowledge to progress on my own. With S2B, I don’t have to worry about that. All it asks is that you trust the program, be true to yourself in how hard your working and how dedicated you are to your health and to your fitness. Once you can answer that and commit your lifestyle to the ‘Brawny’ way, your 75% of the way there.

Here’s to the next 45 weeks and let’s hope there as fun as the first 7 have been.


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