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Reiterating the Importance of Family and Health


Like many of you, I frequent to YouTube quite frequently for both entertainment and education and as part of this I am subscribed to a number of channels which are tech related. Reviews of current products, speculation about upcoming devices and software specifications along with tips on the best set up for different tech components are all things that I really enjoy watching videos on. A few weeks ago a guy from one of these channels, Austin Evans, posted the below video which although not tech related, was one that really got my attention.

Austin’s entire apartment, clothes and everything he owns (Apart from a laptop, safe and his phone) was gone in what only seemed like a few seconds to him. Thankfully he was ok, along with others who were in the same building, and everything that was destroyed was more or less replaceable. 
What REALLY stood out in this video for me was Austins unbelievable positivity about the entire thing. For sure it’s clear that he’s annoyed and upset about his entire life being destroyed, but he couldn’t be further away from feeling sorry for himself. As he is going around looking at the rubble he even makes jokes about his “Clothes definitely being dry now” and overall just seems genuinely happy that no one got hurt and that despite all the bad that happened, really it turned out pretty ok all things considered.

After watching this video I had a new found respect for this internet personality I followed. Sure I didn’t know the guy, will never meet him nor have I ever interacted with him, but in my book he’s a down to earth, positive and hard working guy.

A couple of days ago, another tech youtuber (Unbox Therapy) tweeted about the below video in response to Austin’s misfortune which said even more about Austin than the above video ever could. (It’s 20 minutes long,  if you can watch it all but if your stuck for time skip to 8m 30s into the video)

Thirteen people whom Austin only know’s through working in the same industry, namely tech videos on YouTube, all chipped in to get him a new powerful Mac along with enough money to also pick up a decent camera to start recording again. Not only this but they all reached out in the video to express just how humbled and inspired they were about his positive outlook and how they really do think quite highly about him as a person along with the work he does. It’s clear from Austin’s reaction that it meant a great deal to him and it clearly picks his spirits right up. 

I really felt like sharing these stories in a fully fledged blog post rather then just posting them to Facebook because I really do feel that they are videos that are more powerful then any words I could ever put along side them. They are an example of just how much a positive outlook on life, helping others and hard work impacts others and inspires them to live their lives fuller.

The most important things in life are family, friends, health and happiness. Pair this with an enjoyable and rewarding job over a mundane and soul destroying ‘9 to 5’ and you’ll life a happy life. I know for me, this video really has reiterated just how important outlook on life is along with the importance of those around us!


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