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Progress Tracking 4

Progress Tracking

This Months Pictures and measurements below! Progress has slowed, but that’s to be expected as you get to lower body fat percentages. Macro-nutrients and such become important, it’s not just about a calorific deficit any more and I guess I’m having a hard time keeping it under control. Still, progress is going in the right direction and gains are being made. Can’t complain too much in that respect!

Weight: 70Kg [91 Kg in January].  Loss of 21 Kg or 3 Stone 5 Pounds.
Upper Leg: 23″ [24.5″ In March]. Loss Of 1.5″
Waist: 33.5″  [35″ in March]. Loss of 2.5″
Belly Button: 33.5′ [36.5′ in March]. Loss of 3″

Body Fat (Jackson/Pollock 3 Caliper Method): 14.19% [Aprox 25% in January]. Loss of 11%.


Progress Tracking 4 June 11th 2012
Progress Tracking 4 June 11th 2012