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Progress Tracking 2

Progress Tracking

Heres this months log! Glad I got it up before holidays! I have also included the last measurements beside these and I’ll continue to put the original ones beside the updated ones in all the next progress updates! I figure it will be a good and easy way to compare!

Weight:76 Kg (91 Kg in January)
Upper Leg: 24.25″ (24.5″ In March)
Waist: 34.25″ (35″ In March)
Belly Button: 35″ (36.5″ In March)
Chest: 39″ (39″ In March)

Body Fat (Inaccurate, self done, Jackson/ Pollock 3 Caliper method) : 16.76% (17% last week)



Progress Tracking 2: Apr 17th 2012
Progress Tracking 2: Apr 17th 2012