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Progress Tracking 1

Progress Tracking

Every month I plan to post up a progress picture along with some measurements. I’m yet to get my body fat caliper so I don’t have that measurement this month, but I will update when I do eventually pick it up! The aim of this is to track the progress, and partly to embarrass myself enough to actually work hard! People might laugh or make a rage face, but in the end, ‘Y’all be trippin’ at how the progress has come along, or at least I hope!

In total I’m going to post pictures (side on, front on), measurements and weight. I’m going to graph my weight each month and post that too, to show progress.

As you can see below there is a lot of progress to be made, but with some hard work I don’t think that it’s impossible!

Weight:79 Kg
Upper Leg: 24.5″
Waist: 35″
Belly Button: 36.5″
Chest: 39″