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Phoenix @ UCD: Personal Review

American Football

Overall this weekend I defiantly felt more confident in the back field. The work at home with the strength training has paid off so far and with my continued efforts I expected that this weekend would be no different. UCD were running a three-man D-Line which allowed great viability of the four line backers. There were good and bad sides to this. The good was that I could see them coming on blitz’ and could make sure I blocked as early as possible, allowing Erin to get the pass off. The bad side of this happened to be the same, I could see them coming a mile away.

This was a bad thing because, during the first quarter, when we were getting into match mode, your never quite sure how hard the opposite player can hit. Are they strong? Are they heavy? Are they fast? When you see them running full tilt at you can get nervous. They were carrying a serious amount of momentum. However this weekend when they did eventually come into contact with me, it proved to be very manageable. Once you got low and followed the correct technique there was no hope of them getting past you with just strength. That felt good and again shows that there is definite gains being made off the field.

One issue that was being caused however was the frequent case where all four line backers or D-line player would blitz. This meant both me and Darren had two guys each, both arriving at the same time. Now, in that case I make a judgement call on the spot. I go for the guy who has the easiest path to Erin, or whoever is a good bit in front of the other. I then block him as hard as I can and leave him. I then move onto the other guy and block him, hoping that Erin has the ball gone at this stage. I do this because I try to slow both down, rather than stopping one completely and letting the other through. Discussing this with Erin a while back he said it would be the better thing to do (ideally, not in all cases either. This is taken on a case by case basis). When I did this in the game, I found that I was stronger and more able to put the 1st LB off course, and slow him down more. I was also able to get to the second man faster than in previous games. This again made me feel pretty good about the progress that I’m making.

At one stage there was an interception during the game and I was close to the picker. I wasn’t 100% sure if the ball was in play, and also wasn’t sure that if I tackled him that it would be a penalty. However, I took him down anyway. I would much prefer Judge and Steve screaming at me for giving up a penalty where I can explain that I wasn’t sure if the ball was live or not, rather than standing, doing nothing, and letting them get a TD. I quite enjoyed that tackle. I got him, wrapped him, and threw him over my head, in a sideways, like a shit cart-wheel, kinda way. It felt good to be able to throw him around that easy. I landed weird on my neck however and its been real stiff since! No injuries so all is good. Up to this point I felt like I was a lot stronger and faster than I was previously.

Towards the end of the game, I got taken out. Taken clean out. Some guy came right at me with speed. I got low, and pounced. Nope. Didn’t do a thing. He sat me back on my ass and took the QB out too. It definitely threw me for a few plays and I kept up my intensity throughout. I had gotten a bit annoyed at the fact he made mincemeat of me and felt like I let the team down by letting him through and stopping the drive. I did my best and it still wasnt enough. I’m going to be using that as fuel for the next few weeks when it comes to training. No one will do that to me again in a few months if I have anything to say about it!

Overall the match went well on a personal level and I was happy with how I played. I have defiantly got room for improvement and I did make mistakes, but with the work I’ve put in off the field and my 100% effort for the entire game I was happy that I could have given no more!

I’m hoping to get another blog up tonight before I go on holidays tomorrow. It will be a progress blog with new pics, weights, measurements and a rough body fat measurement. I might not get a chance to do that, and if so, I might get it up tomorrow. Until then, enjoy a very bad song that I have enjoyed flat-out for the last week or so!