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Pet Peeve #2 – Daily Blog #30

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Have you ever been searching a website that sells stuff like cars or apartments or generally anything that has a range of prices, specs, and qualities?


Obviously, I tend to go for the best deal I can when using these sites. This usually means switching the sorting to “Low to High”. While it’s true that often the best value deal isn’t the cheapest when looking long term, this sorting really is a good place to start.

People usually have a price limit or range that they are looking in and if something was to come up that was 10 times more expensive, they’d probably pass it up. Not that it wasn’t a good deal, but just not a right fit for right now for them.

Often, especially with cars, those prices can be somewhat movable; Dealers will haggle and do the best to get as much as they can, and savvy spenders try to counteract that at all costs.

It makes sence then that some Car selling websites (looking at you would end up having quite a few high end cars marked as POA, or price on asking.

This creates a problem, though. Sorting from Low to high with POA cars included means that you get crazy expensive cars mixed in with 100-500 euro pieces of scrap, which just throws off the efficiency of ones search.

Carzone tried to get past this by adding in a search field that limits the lower cost of a car to €100, meaning all these POA cars should be excluded, right?

In reality it must not be that simple because some absolute idiot dealers are advertising POA cars as being €100 to try and get them into that search window, too.

See this as an example – A 2013 and 2009 Bmw/Audi for 100 damn euro? I don’t think so.

Picture showing a 2013 and 2009 pair of cars for 100 euro

Lets think about this for a second. If someone is searching for a car worth somewhere between 100 and 500 euro, do you really think that they are in the market for a high end vehicle? Like, really? Do you think that them coming across your 2013 BMW  is going to suddenly change their situation on how much money they were going to spend?

Like, did you even think about this for a single second?


Easily pet peeve number 2.

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