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Better Than Top Gear – Daily Blog #70

Yes, this is another YouTube post. And yes, it is worth your time.

Ever hear of BroScienceLife or Dom Mazzetti? Well that guys real name is Mike Tornabene.

Mike has a few channels, and while BroScienceLife was my favorite for a long time, it’s not any more. That award now goes to his Gnarpm stuff.

While essentially it’s a car channel, the thing I really love about the Gnarpm videos is that each one always gets me excited. Always leaves me feeling excited.

And the quality is improving so much with each new video and his latest one is no exception.

It screams of TopGear, but better. The production quality, cinematography, editing, creative flair, all of it.

Honestly it is videos like this, videos which scream hard work and pride, that inspire me to continue to build up my creative side and get it out there in the world.

If you’ve got a spare 6 minutes (which you do), this is worth a watch.

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I Want To Make My Friends Subconsciously Hate Me – Daily Blog #69

Yesterday I put across my argument for responsibility not being the same as fault. I think I made a good case for it and hopefully it caused you to think about your problems a little differently, too. Once you get over the fact that it kinda sucks to be cleaning up other people’s mistakes, it’s actually quite a liberating way of looking at things.

And while that responsibility lies on your shoulders because people don’t really care about your problems, unfortunately they are still going to come in and get in your way. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ll know what I’m talking about:

“Ah, you’re looking great though. You’ve already lost so much. Surely you deserve a night off, right? Don’t go so hard on yourself.”

This shit really makes my blood boil. Chances are they said this because you complained about low motivation. But they, rather than reminding you of how much your hard work has paid off so far, decide to make themselves feel better by justifying the decisions they’ve made in the past.

Decisions that had them falling short of the mark. Often weight loss attempts are made and lost during moments like these, and having shit friends who are just holding you back, well, I can get quite vocal on that subject.

Shit, let’s say you do deserve a break. You’re down 200lbs, have been dieting for years without breaking, and are only a few dozen lbs away from your goal. That’s bloody incredible, something that shouldn’t be glossed over and should be shouted from the rooftops to inspire people around you.

But given how far you’ve come, how close you are to the end, which do you think you’ll enjoy more? The pleasure that comes from 5 minutes of eating chocolate, or the years of joy that come with knowing all that hard work paid off?

And maybe eating that bar won’t slow you down that much. Maybe it won’t impact at all. But is doing a little more work then you need to that big of a deal?

For you, of course not. But for others? It’s huge.

Because now you’re making them question the decisions they made in the past. Making them feel bad out the levels of effort they put in and the fact that it had them starting off at square one time and time again.

The truth is that pulling you down like this, justifying these somewhat insignificant decisions, increases your chances of failure and helps them justify the levels of effort they are putting into their goals.

To be clear though, this isn’t a malicious act on their part. Far from it. But it is a subconscious one that our brains decide to do based on the fact that it’s evolved to fit in, be part of a bigger society and feel like it’s like and appreciate.

It doesn’t help that it also treats everything as fact, so it really does think that even though their last weight loss attempt ended in failure, they really did work as hard.

The truth is that everyone around you want’s you to be average because that makes them feel better about themselves. They don’t even realise it, but they do. And if you really want to achieve something, weight loss or otherwise, you’ve to ignore people who say you’re working too hard, and keep on plugging away. Because at the end of the day, one of two things will happen:

  1. Either you’ll not work as hard as you need to, be happy it was too uncomfortable, but sad that you failed, or
  2. You’ll work harder than you need to, have to suffer a little discomfort, but be totally fucking ecstatic that you’ve finally gotten to the end.

I know which one I’d pick.

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Being Responsible Isn’t The Same As Being At Fault – Daily Blog #68

Easily the worst exam I’ve ever done. Hands down. All bets in. Results are unanimous. Just the worst.

I had given it a solid effort too and going in I was actually somewhat confident. But those first few minutes, that initial reading of all the questions? Well, I knew it was going to be bad. It was as if my entire soul slumped down, out of my body, and just went “Shiiiiieet”.

All I could do was get stuck in, hope for the best, and see how it went. Confidence wasn’t exactly high because I’d never done chemistry before, but what more could I do?

Eighteen fucking percent. Not even half of the passing grade.

And while nowadays I’m a bit weary at pointing fingers, I don’t think it was my fault. Or least not all my fault. Our lecturer fell a little short of the usual TCD standard, so much so that even students with a chemistry background struggled to understand what he was going on about. And that didn’t leave much hope for little old me, did it?

Hindsight will always say that I could have done more and prepped better, but at the time I thought I had. I had spent hours and hours getting my head around the subject and was going into the exam confident that I would do ok. I had already pushed the limits of study time allocated to chemistry, given that I also had 9 other exams to prep for, too.

But the hard truth of it all is that I was the only person who cared about any of that. I was the only one who stood to lose anything by me failing this exam. So while I might not have been at fault for failing it, I was definitely the only one responsible for passing it.

But being responsible for something isn’t the same as being at fault. It’s totally different.

Being responsible for something isn’t the same as being at fault.

The company you work for could get bought out and you could be made redundant – it’s not your fault that you need to look for a new job, but it’s without doubt your responsibility.

You might have a damaged knee from getting hit with a car – not your fault that you struggle to exercise but it’s still your responsibility to look after your health and get better.

Chances are you’ve got 99 problems right now that aren’t exactly your fault. But that doesn’t matter, it’s still your responsibility to fix them. No-one else is coming to do it for you because they honestly just don’t care. They have their own responsibilities to worry about.

No-one else is coming to do it for you because they honestly just don’t care.

So while cleaning up someone’s mess is a tough pill to swallow, if it’s going to impact your life then you’ve got a responsibility to do it.

If you don’t? Well, you’re the only one who’s going to lose out.

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Staying Positive 101 – Daily Blog #67

Want a quick tip on improving your day-to-day outlook?

A way to stay positive as you deal the with stress and pressures of life?

Stop watching the news. Stop reading the news. Stop anything-ing the news.

The news sucks; more than ever now that we’ve got plenty of 24 hour channels dedicated to it.

They’ve got viewership targets to meet, so every small thing is made out to be the end of the world.

And that’s bad for two reasons:

  1. It’s draining, negative, and it’s impacting your view of life whether you know it or not, and
  2. It’s making little of the things that actually are negative and should be getting our attention.

I’ve cut my ties with the news for a couple of years now. And sure I don’t know the in’s and out’s of everything any more, but I know about all the things I should. Things like famine, death, and war.

And while thinking about those is negative, too, it’s negative with a cause. It’s important to think and know about these things.

But forgive me for not being concerned that some unknown airline is struggling or that health care spending in the US is trending upwards.

Knowing that stuff isn’t important, and just gives me a negative outlook. And I don’t need any help being negative.

So look kids, don’t do the new’s, m’kay? The news is bad.

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Organisation, Creation, and Yet Another Casey Post – Daily Blog #66

Lets cut right to the chase – yes I’m about to talk about Youtube and Casey Neistat again. But look, who are you to judge? You don’t know my life.

I’m aware that in just 65 posts he’s come up at least twice already, but honestly he is someone that intrigues me a lot. And while you either love him or hate him, there is no denying that he is highly successful at what he does.

It can’t be my fault then that YouTuber MKBHD, who makes equally incredible videos, decided to check out Casey’s space to see what tech he uses and made a cool video about it. And while I appreciate the input into Casey’s tech, the real reason I loved this video was because Marques spent a good chunk of time detailing the organisation of Casey’s studio.

I’ve always imagined Casey as being this highly optimised person (he used to make daily vlogs that looked so simple but took so much work, something that wouldn’t be possible using a cluttered workflow) but his workspace just didn’t reflect that. It looked so random, overpopulated and messy. I knew there was probably a method to the madness, given that he’s a “everything has a purpose” kind of guy, but I just couldn’t see it.

This video validated my thinking – he is a highly organised guy, but not in a the typical way that organisation “should” be done. He’s found something that works for him and isn’t even considering the fact that that’s different from how it’s supposed to be done. He’s just set up a space that allows him to do what he does best without getting in the way.

And I just love that. I love the fact that from the outside he looks so relaxed, chilled, and that he just goes with the flow, but inside thinks so methodologically about things, about how he set up his live so he can maximize his time and productivity. What a fucking baller.

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Ireland Looks Great, If You Get The Weather – Daily Blog #65

The weather here in the Irish midlands the last day or so hasn’t been stereotypically Irish, at least not for this time of year. The sun has been shining, the mid-day temps have been bearable, and the rain has held off for longer than I was expecting.

Ireland feels like a different country when we’ve got those blue skies; people are in better moods and the general atmosphere is much more positive. Of course, when it does happen we can’t help but talk about said weather which gives rise to another Irish stereotype, but that’s a topic for another day.

And while living in a small, ever increasingly dilapidated town does have it’s downsides, it does come with its fair share up upsides, too, and yesterday I took advantage of the small footprint of good old Tullamore and got out into the countryside.

Getting outside in this town is easy, and a short 10 minute cycle along the grand canal later I was in the thick of the countryside. All I did was sit, basking in the “glorious” sunshine, and watch the birds wash themselves in the water, saying hello to other people who figured it’d be a good day to get outside, too.

You’ll have to forgive the bad quality photo my phone decided to take.

For us Irish, Ireland doesn’t often show us it’s good side; we end up comparing it to other places we’ve been and feel that in more ways than not we are a little hard done by. But just like a relationship that’s past the initial phases, the beauty is there, it’s just looks a little different now. So while it’s easy to forget that, to gloss over the positives that come with the nature of this island, I was happy to spend a few minutes yesterday just taking it all in.

Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin.

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