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Organisation, Creation, and Yet Another Casey Post – Daily Blog #66

Lets cut right to the chase – yes I’m about to talk about Youtube and Casey Neistat again. But look, who are you to judge? You don’t know my life.

I’m aware that in just 65 posts he’s come up at least twice already, but honestly he is someone that intrigues me a lot. And while you either love him or hate him, there is no denying that he is highly successful at what he does.

It can’t be my fault then that YouTuber MKBHD, who makes equally incredible videos, decided to check out Casey’s space to see what tech he uses and made a cool video about it. And while I appreciate the input into Casey’s tech, the real reason I loved this video was because Marques spent a good chunk of time detailing the organisation of Casey’s studio.

I’ve always imagined Casey as being this highly optimised person (he used to make daily vlogs that looked so simple but took so much work, something that wouldn’t be possible using a cluttered workflow) but his workspace just didn’t reflect that. It looked so random, overpopulated and messy. I knew there was probably a method to the madness, given that he’s a “everything has a purpose” kind of guy, but I just couldn’t see it.

This video validated my thinking – he is a highly organised guy, but not in a the typical way that organisation “should” be done. He’s found something that works for him and isn’t even considering the fact that that’s different from how it’s supposed to be done. He’s just set up a space that allows him to do what he does best without getting in the way.

And I just love that. I love the fact that from the outside he looks so relaxed, chilled, and that he just goes with the flow, but inside thinks so methodologically about things, about how he set up his live so he can maximize his time and productivity. What a fucking baller.

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