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Cant Exercise

When it comes to moving, joints, injuries and strains, doctors know squat. How many of you know someone who was told they will never again be able to play football, squat, run, jump, bend over to pick up their kid, whatever? I know countless people who have been told this and, what’s probably even worse is, they accept it for gospel.

Now, before I get hounded on by people, let me backtrack on that statement a bit. I do not mean all doctors or all members of the medical profession. I consider myself to be intelligent enough not make a blanket statement like that and actually expect it to be true. I also respect the readers of this blog more than that. How could you believe anything I say if I started saying everyone else is wrong or that I know better the people who are more qualified in terms of the human body than I am. What I do mean is the majority of Doctors who are not involved with sports rehabilitation or training.

Lets take myself for an example. I have a particularly relevant story that will show just how true it is that doctors know nada when it comes to rehabilitation and that really what you need is a clued in (very important that there ‘clued in’ and not sterile) physio.

Back when I was 15 or 16, I was big into my extreme sports. Motocross, super-cross, and ATV racing to be exact. This all stemmed from me having, and racing my own quad. It was a small beast but I got the most of it. I used all the power available to me, picked my lines perfectly and I reckon it’s where I learned how to control a car and quad like I do. Being on something that primitive with not a huge amount of power, you have to learn to use all of it to the best of its ability to get any fun from it. Before too long the quad felt like my second skin. I didn’t have to think about how to do anything and soon progressed onto Jumping.

One particular day, I was going over a new ramp my friends Dad had made. It was about 15 foot tall and had a crazy long run up. I had got some serious air off it and was really loving it. No tricks, I wasn’t that good, Just going through the air being a mad so and so. But then, one jump went bad. Mid jump, my leg slipped off and I fell slightly off the quad. I was still sitting on it, but my leg was dangling off to one side. Before I knew it I was on the other side of the ramp and the quad had come down on my leg, twisting it about 340 degrees around.

A rushed trip to hospital showed I had three breaks in my tibia. I was told that if it wasn’t for my high spec racing boots I would have possibly lost the leg.  Surgery and 5 days later I was out of hospital and back at home. All in all I had the cast on for 10 weeks, I think, and was on crutches for 18 weeks total. I was told I would never ride again and that I would have a limp to rival a war victim for the rest of my life. I was also told that I would have pain walking forever and probably would never run or jump again pain-free.

Skip forward three weeks and I was back on a quad with my leg strapped over the front mudguard rallying around the place. Within a year I had returned to basketball and had worked on my jump to get it back to where it was. There was still pain when it got cold, but I was fully back to where I was performance wise.

Whats the moral of the story? All the doctors, old school physio’s and surgeons all said I was basically screwed for the rest of my life, that I should not try to fix it, accept it as a given and get on with my worthless sham of a life with my gimpy leg.

What are some of the things I achieved to date to show them otherwise?

  • Pain Free Walking.
  • Pain Free running.
  • No Limp, Ever.
  • Have Since Raced Quads and Dirt Bikes.
  • Played Basketball For 3 more years.
  • Play American Football.
  • Squatted 125 Kg.
  • Dead-lifted 147.5 Kg.
Some of you might be saying,”Yea but I’m different, I’ve tried X, Y and Z”. Well, I’m sorry to tell you but, if you still have pain or issues, you have more than likely tried nothing. Your lazy. Every ones lazy. I’m Lazy. Working through these issues takes effort, time and energy. It will not happen overnight and unless you’re going to work hard and consistently at it you will have pain forever and it will stop you exercising. This is why doctors say it’s not possible. This is why people agree with them and take it that it’s a given and nothing can be done about it. Laziness. Noting more. Nothing less.
Your body is designed to repair it self. There is not one part of your body that is more than 8 years old. Your body replaces cells and the likes all the time and 8 years is the longest that one will be around for before being replaced.
So why does stuff still hurt more than 8 years later if you’re in an accident? Bad form, bad posture, and bad habits. Bending over wrong, not kneeling down correctly, sitting at a desk bent over like a banana. It all causes damage and if there’s some there already you can’t expect it to heal can you? Also, when is the last time you stretched? Is it any wonder you can’t touch your toes or that you feel like you got hit by a brick wall can can’t move? Work on fixing the issue and sorting your body out I will take much less than 8 years for you to be good as new.
People need to realize that they destroying their bodies. Little or no forms exercise, bad body habits and overeating are killing people. Organ failure, disease and requirements for replacement limbs are knock on effects and people are too afraid and lazy to make sure it doesn’t happen to them.
If you want my advice, Start exercising, Start stretching, Start eating better. You will feel great, look sexy as hell, live longer, and all your friends will be in awe in how they wish they were more like you.

Just incase this wasn’t enough to convince you, watch this video. God knows my story is not nearly as crazy as this mans, but it Proves even more sothan mine that what I am saying is true. As always, if you want to talk about this with me, I ammore than happy to help you out!