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New Apartment, New Gym, New Program and Moving.

New Keys

It’s been quite the while since I’ve last updated this blog but unlike most cases where lack of updates generally don’t have a reason, I happen to have one this time. In the last month or so I’ve finished up in my last job in Cameron in Longford, Started my new job as a Process Engineer in Diageo in Kilkenny city, and moved into my new apartment. This not only took time, but meant my training was all over the place. I didn’t really manage to stick to my plan completely but I did work out at least three times a week so all was not lost. My lack of time however did cause me to let this blog fall to the wayside for a bit, but I’m back training and settled now so these should become quite regular from now on.

On a more personal note, I’m still in my first week of the new job and so far seems good and more hands on then Cameron, which is something which appeals to me a lot. The new apartment is real nice and just above a shopping centre, meaning it’s not far to go get stuff for dinner and other bits and bobs. Its right in the middle of the city which means anything is walking distance away.
One of the main benefits of being in Kilkenny is having a kick ass Gym to train in. Ireland’s strongest man, James Fennelly,  is the owner and the man who runs it (There is also an on site physiotherapist and ex Olympic athlete who competed in the high jump working there, meaning there’s plenty of help around to show you the ropes or make sure your not taking your workouts too easy!). It’s not the prettiest gym in the world and that’s why is the best gym I’ve ever been in. It’s a no frills, get in and train your socks off kind of gym. The atmosphere in there is great. Great training music blaring, weights being moved left right and centre and everyone in there, staff and people training alike, are all real sound. Couldn’t ask for a better place to make some serious gains.
I’ll go into my new training in more detail in another post, but because I now have access to a gym with a descent set up (nothing but hotel leisure centres in Longford around the area I was working and living), I’m moving back to my heavy training involving barbells and free weights as opposed to the body weight stuff I was working on the last few months. I’ve found that my body has lost a lot of strength and with exercises like deadlifts and squats, which is expected considering it’s been a year since I’ve had the ability to actually train in a gym. I expect that after a few weeks I’ll be used to the exercises again, have my form spot on, and will be moving back up the weight!
All in all, training has gone great and I’m loving working out with heavy weights again. This, along with being in a great gym means I’ll have plenty to write about for Y’all to read! I should have a training blog in the next day or so too!