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My New Appreciation For Irish Roads – Daily Blog #11

Ever have one of those moments where you’re doing something, but it just doesn’t feel quite right. You can’t put your finger on it, but something just seems off. 

I had one of those moments today on the Trans Canada Highway.

Backstory: We were heading over to Canmore to meet up a couple of friends who were coming back to Calgary from the other side of the mountains to grab a bite to eat. There’s a pretty good brewery/restaurant over there so we figured it would be a good time to head over.

On the return leg, night had fallen and it was dark. As you’d expect, between junctions there aren’t any lights along the road meaning the only source of illumination comes from the car itself.

Irish roads are similar, so I’m used to driving in these conditions, but something still felt a little off.

Then it hit me – cat eyes. The road had no cat eyes.

For those who don’t know – these are little reflectors built into the road to show you the boundaries of both the road itself, but also the lanes too. It’s really helpful in seeing upcoming turns and dips.

It’s understandable that the highway doesn’t have them – I can only imagine how expensive it would be to add them to all 7,800km of the highway – but I now have a new appreciation for these small little additions to Irish roads.

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