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My Experience With Journaling – Daily Blog #63

Something about it didn’t feel right; in my head it was just for teenagers and people wanting to keep a track of what they do every day. I honestly didn’t see the point.

I’d been putting it off for years but, just like reading, I had heard many a successful person say it was a key part of their day, and that was hard to ignore. Eventually I buckled and got myself a nice Moleskine notebook.

I was still hella apprehensive, but I’d like to consider myself a “try anything once” kind of guy and I figured I had nothing to lose.

Journaling isn’t really the same as writing in a diary. I’m not writing to future me, past me, or anyone really. All I’m doing it using a pen to get my thoughts from my head, onto a piece of paper.

And something about that process makes your mind process things differently than just giving them more thought. Quite often it will give rise to new observations and realisations about things I thought I had already fully worked out.

It’s a strange feeling, but has helped me make a lot of key decisions since I started it back in September last year. And while it won’t offer magical solutions to all life’s little problems, 8 times out of 10 it helps me wind down for the day.

Do I see it as being as essential as some people say? No, not really. But I do think everyone should give it a try. Stress and sleep are possibly the two biggest influencers of our health, and given that this could improve both, it has to be worth a shot.

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