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My Accidental Use Of ‘Nuclear Mode’ – Daily Blog #38

It used to be a stressful time for me, coming home from work. I’d be no sooner in the door before I’d have to launch into the mountain of stuff that lay ahead of me.

That stuff? Emails.

I’d love to say that these emails were driven by my sheer popularity and had been coming in from fans across the world. Na, these emails were ones I subscribed too, ones coming from news sources and bloggers that I followed. This was a system that I had to adopt following the closure of Google Reader.

At its worst these emails used to take me about two hours to get through, and at that point there was no enjoyment in it. Really, I was skimming over everything so fast that I wasn’t even taking any of it in. What a waste of time.

Eventually I came to my senses and culled all but a select few sources, leaving me with an enjoyable subscription folder to go through every few days.

One person who made that list was Nate Green.

I happened across Nate during my time in the S2B program; he was working for the parent company PN at the time.

He strikes me as quite the cool dude and has built himself up a life that I’d like to think of myself as working towards. But because he’s a few steps ahead of me, I love keeping up with his blogs and articles on everything from productivity to training.

One of his more recent articles is on a habit building tactic he calls Nuclear mode – essentially a method to remove the need to rely on discipline.

I found it to be quite intriguing, but not because it was a new idea to me, but because it’s one that I’m already doing. That’s a rare occurrence because sometimes it seems like I’m making all the mistakes you could.

Although I recommend that you go read the article (here), the TL;DR is trying to put as many steps between you and faltering from your goals as possible.

The way I use it personally is when it comes to food – specifically chocolate and other things I shouldn’t be eating. Rather then having to say no a million times a day and restrict myself, I just chose not to buy them.

If they’re not in the house, I can’t eat them, that is unless I go and actually get in my car, head to the shop and buy some.

This is usually barrier enough for me.

On the flip side of that, when I do buy them I accept the fact that it means I will eat them all. They won’t be rationed out for a few weeks, but rather will see a quick and instant death the second I get home.

And I’m ok with that; it’s just how my willpower works and I base my choices around it.

This process does look very similar, if not exact, to that of Nate’s, but I actually got to the same conclusion from a different direction. I figured that if I just didn’t buy them, I only had to say no once (at the shop), rather than a million times a day when I got them back home.

Regardless of how either of us got there, I thought it was interesting that Nate and myself use the same system. It’s one that’s helped him achieve a hell of a lot, and helped me lose over 50 lbs.

And if that’s not reason enough for you to check it out, then I don’t know what is.

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