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MF Doom: A Madvillian I Could Get Behind – Daily Blog #35

I always tell myself that I shouldn’t write about my love for hip hop. This is in part because it feels like its only been a few weeks since I last wrote about it, but mainly it’s because I’m white AF.

Honestly though hip-hop has just grabbed a hold of me over the last few years and now it’s the genre I go to when looking for something to put on – a far stretch from the death metal I was listening to 10 years ago.

My all time favorite will always be Biggie, but last year I was more or less addicted to A$AP Rocky only to now have a moderately unhealthy obsession with MF Doom.

Doom, a name based off the Marvel character Dr Doom, has a pretty big back catalog to call his own, added to by an album under his alter ego ‘Viktor Vaughn’ and a couple of colab albums with the hip hip duo named ‘Madvillain’.

I really love his music because it’s so different from anything else I’d ever heard before. I’m not that musically minded, so I couldn’t tell you in the proper terms as to what about it is different, but it just feels, to me at least, so out there when compared to other popular hip hop artists.

Anyway, with all this said I want to share with you two videos. The first is my favorite song of his, coming from his colab Madvillain work. The second is a link to a Vox documentary that talks about hip hop and takes note of MF Doom’s style and skills. Both are videos I loved and both are videos I think are worth your time to watch.

So sit back, enjoy, and give it a try.

Let me know what you think!

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