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Man, The Jet Lag is Hitting Hard – Daily Blog #27

My first flight to Calgary left Ireland at 07.00 GMT, landing some 17 hours later at 17.00 MST. To avoid jet lag I didn’t sleep as I traveled and hit the hay around 22.00 MST after landing.

I awoke the next morning well rested and totally adjusted to my new timezone – perfect.

I came home to visit for Christmas last month, and the flight was similar, but slightly different (the flight got in at 23.30 MST, not 17.00). The only issue was that I was going to get a couple hours less sleep. Not ideal but totally manageable.

Again, the same process had me feeling fresh and fine.

The trip over to Ireland on that trip was significantly more uncomfortable: The flight was an overnight one, leaving at 20.00 MST, landing 16 hours later at 12.00 MST or 19.00 GMT.

I was already nearly ready for bed before the flight even started, but I still stayed awake for the entire journey and got a good nights sleep once I arrived in Ireland.

This worked so well actually that although it was rough staying up for 32 hours straight, by the time I woke up I was jet lag free.

For those who lost count, that’s three for three.

I felt bulletproof. I thought I had this particular timezone change down. I had no reason to believe that coming back to Ireland last week would be any different.

Did I win again? No. Not at all. I’m totally out of whack. I’m tired early in the evenings up to around 11Pm, but then I wake up very early in the morning feeling wide awake.

Take last night for example: I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 23.30, but was wide awake and ready for the day at 03.30. I didn’t even get back asleep, got up, and was functional right up to 18.00 when I just totally K.O.’ed on the couch for a two-hour nap.

Talk about jet lag, eh?
I know there are plenty of methods and tips out there to help combat the pesky timezone changes, but I thought I had this particular change down. I guess not, but lets hope my body figures it all out sooner rather then later.

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