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Is Difficult Effective?

Is Difficult Effective?

I like talking about strength and conditioning. Be it with an old friend or someone new, a coffee and great training talk is nothing short of perfection. A chance to learn, share stories and maybe even give some advice. I just love talking about this stuff.

Well DUH! I do have a website dedicated to it. So why am I bringing it up?

Because in recent times these talks have left me more frustrated than content.

Frustrated because often I’m left looking at a person pouring their heart and soul into their training and getting nowhere. They push themselves to death in the gym, have implemented every diet technique in the book and have their recovery nailed to the board.

They are pushing hard, so hard that the rest of their life is going down the pan too. And yet, despite all this they are still not seeing the results they want.

I fucking hate it.

They are just doing what social and mainstream media is telling them they have too.

They see videos of coaches pushing people to verge of getting sick in the gym. Pictures on Instagram of meals containing only a single gram of carbohydrates. Posts on how people have a love/hate relationship with their coach for pushing them so damn hard.

It’s no fucking wonder that they feel like they have to do the same to see results.

The reason these posts are so common is because the industry needs them to be. The barrier for entry into personal training has become so low that everyone and their dogs are certified.

These coaches now need something to separate them from the crowd, a way to make money. They become more concerned about looking cool then getting clients results.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are thousands of great coaches out there. But for every great one there many more bad ones. Leaving us with the idea that hard is good and that the more we push the quicker results will come.

But difficult is not synonymous with effective. In fact, making it as simple as possible is far more likely to yield results. You’ll stay motivated for longer and might even enjoy the process.

So, if we ever sit down to discuss training over a piping hot Americano, don’t let me down. Don’t make your training difficult for the sake of it! Get the basics right and the results will come!