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Ireland Is Cold, Yo – Daily Blog #22

A couple of days ago I mentioned that one of the things that I wish Ireland would take from Canada is decent home heating. Now that I’ve been back for just over 24 hours, one thing is clear – I really didn’t miss being cold.

It’s funny because everyone thinks Canada is cold. It is when you’re out in the thick of it, but I felt less cold there then I have in the last day.

I know my home house is pretty bad for it, what with the boiler being some 15 meters from the actual house meaning all the heat is lost to the outside elements before it even gets into the house, but it is a common trend among houses in this country.

It makes me shiver a little to think what future apartments hold for me given the extortionate rates that currently exists in the country (see what I did there, eh?), and it will 100% be one of the things I miss most about the land of hozers.

Ireland has a lot to offer the world and a lot I’m happy to be back for – great food, Guinness, and incredible scenery to name a few. But one thing it really does get the short end of the stick on is weather.

Man it just sucks!

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