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Industry Enhanced Views – Daily Blog #12

Yesterday I wrote about how the Trans-Canada Highway gave me a new appreciation Irish roads, what with them having cat eyes and all. But that returning drive home-made me realise something else, too…

I’ve traveled that section of the highway a few times now, usually during daylight hours. Sections of it closer to the city I’ve seen at night, sure, but even on longest of ski days it’s usually a trip that’s mostly done with at least a little daylight left.

Yesterday was the first time I’ve made the trip under complete darkness. More specifically, it was the first time I passed through Exshaw under the cover of night.

This area, a small one located in western Alberta, is known by me for two reasons:

  1. Lac Des Arcs lake – A widening of the Bow river gives rise to a small little lake situated right in the valley of two mountains. Nothing short of awesome, especially when winter hits and it freezes.
  2. Lafarge plant – A full-scale cement production facility located on the others side of the lake to the highway.
Exshaw Lake and Plant Jan 2016

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Now, personally, I’m not the biggest enemy of man-made structures being erected into nature, so long as it’s not over the top. One of my favorite examples of this is the wind turbine farm located just off the M7 motorway in Ireland – it makes for a crazy view as you travel south and come over a small hill. It looks awesome.

That said, it’s rare that I’d think a view would be lessened by the removal of industry, but Exshaw is definitely an example of this. There is something about the lighting, the harshness of the mountains and the lake itself that just makes it feel like it’s a naturally occurring entity into the area.

My thoughts on this were totally validated last night as we passed it; in pitch darkness it just looked totally amazing. It’s rare that you come across something like this, something that’s man-made and adds to nature, but if you’re ever in the area you should really check it out – it makes for a killer view.

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