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I’m talking about the body fat!


It’s been far too long since I last posted but I’ve been crazy busy the last couple of weeks! With two friends going off to Canada this week, having a serious amount of hangout time with them before they left and with work/training I’ve not had time write a new blog post!

Training has been going ok! My groin was tender last week and so I took it easy. Still got my 3 days in but they weren’t at the usual intensity. This week I’ve only got two in so far, and I am rushed off my feet tonight but hoping to get the third in before heading to Dublin via Tullamore for the weekend! I’ll get something done anyway!

The main aim of this post is to talk about my body fat! I got the calipers the other week and tried doing it myself! Turns out I calculated myself to be 10% BF. Not even close! So I needed Jen to help me out! I came out at 8% when she did it. Again, not so sure I believe that! So I did more research, turns out we weren’t aggressive enough with grabbing that fat.

I did it myself again last night using fewer locations to get a general idea until I see Jen again and can ask her to re-do it! Once I do I can update this with the more accurate BF reading!

I’ve been using this website to calculate the BF using the Jakson/Pollock 7 method, but for this post I’ve redone it using one of the other ones with locations that I can reach on my own. Doing this I came out at  just over 17% which is more accurate than 8%! That’s about what I was expecting considering I thought I was 22-25% at Christmas! So it’s looking like were going on the right road!

So there you are! 17% BF and still at the 78 Kg! here’s hoping I keep the weight and drop the fat! I’ll be updating before holidays in Tenerife next week with more pictures, weights, measurements and the updated, more accurate, BF reading!