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I’m Not A Horder, But I Am Hording – Daily Blog #23

There must be some hard-wiring inside the human brain that has it destined to horde. I’ve just come back from 17 months of living with two suitcases worth of stuff, yet sitting down to sort out the shit I left behind didn’t really result in much going to the bin.

All in all there was about 8 boxes; mostly books, cooking supplies, and a few odds and ends. All of it stuff that I lived quite happily without over in Canada, and it was because of this that I decided I would go all gung-ho and throw most of it out.

The first step in the process was to get everything sorted into categories – Books, cooking supplies, electronics, house decor, and random odds and ends.

Almost instantly I realised there was going to be a problem – all of the stuff I had decided to keep were things that you might not use everyday, but makes more sence to hold onto then toss.

The Books are mostly reference ones. A good chunk of themĀ are cooking books, with the rest being business or improvement books with my own highlights and notes all over them. I know that you can do this on Kindle (something I use for my fiction reading) but I much prefer jotting my thoughts and notes for future Shane on a physical copy; it just works better for me that way.

Then there’s the cooking stuff. I’ve built up a very small collection of baking tins and glass storage containers that are still in perfect condition. Sure I’ve not used them in a while, but if I had them on hand I would have. Again, it would be silly to just toss them into the bin.

The electronics box was actually in a pretty good state of affairs – a coupleĀ of old consoles of mine that I’d usually put into storage with the rest of my childhood collections, but there’s just no room with them. Everything that I wouldn’t want to keep had already been dumped!

The household stuff is, admittedly, non-essential. I could get rid of it all and not miss any of it. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned since finishing College it’s that house decor is what turns a building into a home, and you can’t really put a price on that. I don’t even have all that much stuff, just a single box worth, but what I do have makes a pretty big impact!

Then, finally, I was onto the random odds and ends, and this is where I made a little bit of progress. I manged to get rid of 50% of it all, only leaving myself with the bare essentials. The stuff I got rid of were things that I’ve probably never used, only keeping items that have gotten me out of a sticky situation in the past – spare coax cables and random other pieces.

I went from roughly 8 or so boxes down to 5, but that was mostly through organisation. I ended up with just one box worth of stuff heading to be recycled, which left me feeling a little underwhelmed and reflective.

Is there really a need for me to have any of this stuff, or am I just being a mild horder? Part of me is saying to chill out, it’s like, seven boxes, hardly enough to fill a car. But on the other hand I did do without any of it at all for so long, so is it really worth holding onto?

I’m not sure, but for now, I’ve decided to keep!

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