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I’ll Bet You Think This Post Is About Music, Don’t You – Daily Blog #44


This Image. Look At It.

<<<<<< LOOK AT IT >>>>>>

Oh my god I love it. It’s an incredible image that under the surface shows off an incredible investment of time, understanding, and knowledge, and it’s fucking incredibly amazing.

That’s a lot of incredible’s I know, but I do think it’s that good. I’ve looked at it quite a few times now and I’m totally enthralled by it.

And while I like it because I’ve got quite a few new albums to check out, this isn’t about hip hop. It isn’t even about music. It’s about caring enough about something to even have the capacity to create something like this.

The world right now is fully of plenty of amazing things, things that we can easily take for granted and get distracted by. But the truth is that almost everything these days has a wealth of research behind them that we could (if we were so inclined) look into and learn.

And when I meet someone who has done that research, who’s passionate enough about the subject, any subject, to learn all that stuff, well sir you have my attention.

Honest to god I will forget about everything and everyone and will get sucked down into the depths of that conversation. I just can’t help it when someone has such an obvious passion for something that I didn’t even realise had so many layers to it. It could literally be anything.

And this is a beautiful example of it. What I wouldn’t give to sit down with the creator of this image for a few hours and talk about their thought process behind it – something that’s obviously driven by passion.

I’m not actually sure what my topic of conversation would be should the roles be reversed. Maybe I don’t have one. Maybe it’s something that would naturally come up if the conversation and company warranted it appropriate?

I don’t know, but if you know what your’s would be, please let me know. I lap that shit up! I’ll even buy you a beer!

Shout out to Reddit user thecoolestguyonearth for posting this, and SpaceBlogPurrp for creating the original.

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