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If You Don’t Look After Your Body, Where Will You Live?

For quite a while now my training philosophy has been a simple one – build a body that allows us to tackle everyday life with ease! Within that we can of course get jacked and huge, perform better at our sport or even just increase our endurance, but I see these as secondary goals to staying healthy and well!

A few days ago I ended up talking to a woman who was thinking of getting some personal training with us in The Athlete Factory. Now, considering she isn’t an “athlete” per say, she definitely leads an athletic life! Weekends are spent downhill mountain biking during the summer and back country skiing during the winter. Not bad for someone with a typical desk job!

But it doesn’t end there; the weekdays are just as busy as she not only does cross-fit three times per week but also regularly goes on cycles and walks, too. As if that wasn’t impressive enough for a “typical 9 to 5er'”, she is also planning a 6 day bike trip in Moab later in the summer, with even more trips coming down the pipeline. In short – she is active. Active as hell.

Want to know the most impressive part? Shes 55 years of age.

That’s not to say that she is old by any means, but hearing of someone doing all this is incredibly uncommon even for someone 35 years of age, never mind 55! The global problems of inactivity and obesity are taking over so fast that the age range for which people are generally active is getting smaller and smaller and smaller.

What shame! A dire, dire shame.

The confusing thing is though that people generally are becoming more active! I mean even just a quick look on social media will clearly show you how many people out there are doing their best to look after their bodies – be it through running, strength training or even diet alone – All of which is nothing but great to see.

But I think the problem is that many people these days, regardless of their activity levels, are very short-sighted when it comes to their bodies. I really hope this doesn’t sound too patronizing, but in all honestly I just don’t believe that people think at all about the long-term consequences of their actions.

Weather they train or not, poor movement patterns and questionable nutritional choices can be having a huge long-term effect, only going unnoticed because the magic of youth is capable of dealing with it. The problem is that just because these effects are unseen, or may even be beneficial in the short-term, doesn’t mean that they aren’t significantly negative in the longer term.

It’s not unheard of for people to wake up one day and realise they’ve either let themselves go, or are so riddled with aches and pains that the can’t they just can’t move the way they used too! A result of all these “unseen” effects adding up and creating something far from desired.

The general result is that for most of us our 55th birthday wont one that’s spent hiking through the rocky mountains or getting in a fresh pow day (Powder, for my non ski/boarding readers), but rather spent nursing bad backs, knees and guts!

The best analogy I’ve seen to overcome this short-sighted problem is a simple one – If you don’t look after you’re body, where will you live?

For a host of good reasons, people see homes as something that needs to be looked after. Any damage or general wear and tear is repaired quick and we all fill our homes with things that make our time easier and much more enjoyable. We turn a simple “house” into a “home” by making it our own and building it into something that lets us live our lives as we want!


For some reason, despite the fact that our bodies are far more important, we don’t treat them with the same respect! We can have some fun with our bodies and use them to do incredible things, but make sure its not breaking you down from the inside out. A food fight might take a bit of cleaning up, but the damage is repairable. Knock the gable end out and you’ll have a harder time fixing it!

So always remember – If you don’t look after your body, where will you live?

Side note – I take no credit for the title of this post. I came across the quote several months ago and am unsure of the original author.