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I Made Something Funny, But Also A Mistake- Daily Blog #45

Today I spent six whole hours working on a project that didn’t even exist as an idea this time yesterday. It was one of those “Oh my god this is amazing and I have to do it now” kind of things.

I knew it could be awesome, but it required using some software I hadn’t really used before. I decided last night I would stay up till the very wee hours getting up to speed and creating some supporting files to hit the ground running today.

And that I did. It took a long time and was tedious as hell, but the finished project is better then I thought it would be.

And this is where I made a mistake; the plan was to not only share the finished project in today’s blog, but also the backstory behind it.

It’s a story that is short, but funny, and one that’s a few years old so the relevant party’s that I want to surprise with it will have no idea it’s coming.

The part of this plan that I totally forgot about was actually sharing the finished goods. Its a YouTube video that’s taking for-fucking-ever to upload. Honest to god it’s been an hour and its not even at 10%.

This isn’t something I even considered as I was just worried about getting the damn thing done. When I realised this I was going to quickly edit a longer form post I’ve been working on this week, but I’m so tired from figuring out this software that the editing process was just far too slow and mistaken ridden.

So I’ve had to come up with a new plan:

  • I’ll post this now, update it tomorrow when the finished video is uploaded, and also share it on social media.
  • I’ll also post that longer form blog as tomorrows daily post.

This isn’t ideal, but a workaround I’m happy to accept with all things considered.

If you’d like, I finally got my email notifications working again, which you can sign up for in the below box.

So, for now, leave it with me and wish me luck.

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Youtube blocked the video on copyright grounds, so I uploaded it to my own dropbox – link below. The back story is that Lee, the person who’s face I put into this video, made a similar one of me a few years back.

The plan was to repeat the favour but I never got around to figuring out how, until this weekend!


You Can Access The Video Here

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