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I Enjoy Snowboarding? – Daily Blog #3

I went snowboarding today.

It was fun.

But I don’t know why.


I actually grew up as a skier, not a snowboarder, learning the trade on a couple of snow holidays we took during my early teens. I was actually quite good at it, too. Well, as good as you could be going for the odd week every few years.

I really did love it though, helped by the fact that I started it young enough to feel like the ski’s were just another part of my leg; I never had to think about how to do anything. Something I can’t say is the same with a board bound to my feet.

When I moved out here to Calgary, I decided now was the time to pick up snowboarding. Having quite a few hills to choose from just a couple of hours away, I was never going to have to sacrifice more than a day’s outing if I didn’t like it.

That was never going to be an option on a weeks holidays in Europe. No, those aren’t trips I’d like to “waste” learning something new, not when I could just strap on the ski’s and get out exploring.

One and a half seasons into my snowboarding career, I’m far from good but I’m definitely getting better. I don’t think there’d be a run I couldn’t get down, even if it took me all day. I do still fall a hell of a lot though.

It’s a great way to spend a Sunday, carving your way down the slopes. Taking it easy is almost meditative, but if you crank up the speed your adrenaline will skyrocket. And hey, the views ain’t bad, either.

Here’s the thing though, I don’t really know why I like it.

I mean, at the end of the day all you’re doing is pointing yourself down a mountain and falling over a lot. Then, when you get to the bottom, you jump on a lift to go and do it all over again. Oh, and you have to pay $100 for the privilege.

Maybe this is a very simple way of looking at it, but if someone was to ask me why I enjoy it, I actually couldn’t give them a straight answer. When I played other sports I could say it was my team mates or the competition, but I don’t have that with snowboarding.

It should be enjoyable in the same way as going for a hike is, but it’s not. Its far more fun than that – I just don’t know why.

Really though, I don’t think that matters. I know I like it and I’m privileged enough to be able to do it. There are much worse ways to spend a Sunday!

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