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How To Get Something You’ve Never Had!

Here’s a question for you; Is there something in your life that, despite trying over and over, always ends up short of the mark?

Yeah, me too! My personal vice, eating chocolate Hobnob cookies!

Unfortunately they only come in packs of 20 or so, meaning that when I do decide I’ve earned them as a treat I’m left with far too many for a single serving. I’d bet you can see where this is going….

In my mind the biscuits are almost like some sort of injured puppy. I can hear them, calling to me, begging to be removed from the dark and lonely cupboard and fulfill their life long destiny of being eaten. Not ten minutes after my “last” one for the day, I’m surrounded in a halo of oatie crumbs and destroyed in chocolate.

Every. Single. Time.

I just LOVE hobnob cookies. They are too damn good NOT to eat all at once.

I’d bet that you can easily think of something that has a similar effect on you! It doesn’t even have to be food related. It could be starting a savings account or going to the gym – Just something that you’ve found yourself trying time and time again, always telling yourself that this time will be different!

Hell, for many people its just cutting down the use of the “snooze” button in the morning!

So then, what’s the issue? Why can’t I be an adult about my hobnob obsession and why do you always find yourself having to restart your goals?

The problem is actually quite simple; we keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting it to lead to different results!

When it comes to hobnobs, I always tell myself that I’ve somehow developed the willpower to turn down the cookies and won’t eat them all in one go! I always expect that I’ll be totally capable of achieving this, despite never having the power to do it before!

How about you? Sound familiar!

To get something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.

The solution to this problem is simply changing our approach! For me, this means moving away from limiting my intake using willpower and just not keeping them in the house. Saying no once in the shop is much easier than having to say it over and over at home. Meaning that now, cutting down on snacks is as simple as not buying them!

Of course, this means that when I do get them I still devour them in a couple of minutes! But I’m OK with that. The cookies are good, I’ve got a pretty good diet and I’m active! Having two packets a year isn’t the worst thing I could do!

But I am aware that this is a different solution to the old problem I had issues solving. I no longer rely on willpower to turn me away from the cookie tin, the same old method I had used time and time before, and now no longer get through a packet every week!

The key for me was realising that I was doing the same thing over and over, and that my frustration was really that I was expecting it to generate different results.

So, here’s some homework for you! I want you to take a real hard look at how you’re approaching this goal you have a hard time dealing with! Are you always trying to cut down on snooze usage by will power alone, and are you simple adding to your savings account with funds left over at the end of the month?

What ever your goal is, really think HARD about whether you are approaching it in different ways each time or if really you are just doing the same old thing and expecting it to generate different results!

After all, Getting something you Never Had means doing something you’ve never done!


If the goal you’re having issues with happens to be losing weight or starting off on a gym related program – You’re in look. I recently completed my first book (Who’da Thunk It?!) which actually goes through everything you need to know when it comes to getting strong and looking awesome on the beach!

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