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How my F-you to reading totally backfired

“You really should read more”

Yeah, yeah, something something, successful people, yada yada, spelling and cognition.

But it’s just soooooooooo boring. And ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

I hated reading. Hated it. Forcing myself through page after page, struggling to stay awake? Pfit, I don’t care. Readings not for everyone, especially not me.

A few years ago though, I did reluctantly give it a shot. I’m pretty determined to better myself and I figured I’d give reading one honest to gods try so that when someone asks, “Well, have you ever actually read something?”, I can sleep easy after pushing them right off that high horse of theirs.

Here’s the kicker, though; the books slowly started to become enjoyable.

Sure the first few books were a little droll, but as I rated them on Amazon and gave the website some information on what I liked, I ended up with my own list of “must read” books.

I discovered fiction that spoke my language, that pained incredible worlds that I was actually interested in.

I read biographies of real world heroes I’ve longed to one day meet, developing a real deep connection with their day to day lives.

There’s some incredible productivity books out there that showed me just how much better I can be, only before taking my hand and bringing me down that path.

Has my opinion on books changed? Absolutely, and I think yours will too. Will it be for everyone right off the bat? Not at all, but it’s rare that anything is. I can’t stand Game Of Thrones, yet it some circles in would be regarded as blasphemy to mention that out loud.

So yes, I’m serious: this is yet another post on the internet saying that you should be reading more, and yes I understand that it is somewhat hypocritical. But there really is something amazing in the fact that you can learn a life time’s worth of knowledge in as little as 50 pages.

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