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How Generic Information Is Destroying Your Drive.


So I was looking around the app store on my phone and I ended up deep in some categories menu just having a look around and generally just killing some time before the start of a TV show the other night. Before I knew it I was looking at health and fitness apps. The one thing that stood out to me was the diverse range of apps and games that were available to download. Some based around running and jogging, others tracking your nutrition and there was even one or two “Ab” exercise apps thrown in for good measure.

Although there are the one or two 99 cent or €2 apps, the majority of these are free to download and use as you see fit. This, to me, seems like nothing but a bad thing, and here’s why;

Let’s say your fat, unfit and generally in a bad state of affairs. Your diet is built around dominos and your local chinese has your number saved so that all you have to do is give them a missed call and they send your regular order right on over. Excessive and unrealistic yes, but just bear with me.

One day you get up and you go to the bathroom to shower, shave (Face for men, legs for ladies) and get ready for the day. As you start to get dressed you pick up your work trousers and slide them on, only, its anything but sliding. You struggle, wiggle, sweat and beat your way into them only to realise you are after getting too fat to get them closed. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and the penny drops. Something HAS to be done.

You spend your lunch break researching good apps to have, the best ways to lose weight and decide to skip lunch. You whip out your phone and get the top rated apps under “Health and fitness”. Your buzzing and raring to go. Skip forward two or three weeks and the picture is usually a lot different. The enthusiasm is gone, the lack of energy is worse than ever and you’re only down a couple of pounds if your down any at all.

You’re not sure what went wrong. You did exactly what the apps told you to do, followed the programs to a ‘T’ and gave it 100%. You shouldn’t be failing but you are and the only thing you know for sure is that it’s not fair.

This is the reason I don’t think having any of these apps available so easily is such a good idea, because it’s just unfair. People always think more is better. They add this and that and put there lives on hold to make sure it all gets done. They completed their running app, ab workout and their ‘healthy eating’ plan which has them avoiding fats. They’ve used the all the top apps because naturally enough they thought that not doing all this is just lazy and that more is definitely better, right?


These apps are a joke. A Joke because they are incomplete, outdated, unscientific, don’t offer the user enough information and knowledge and are not structured to suit each user’s individual needs. They are generic, poorly structured, (generally) follow no progression path and really should be avoided. Using multiple apps of these nature to achieve anything would be the same as someone going to Easons to get books on law, physics, spanish and economics and spending all day learning bits and pieces from each, when really the best thing to do would be to go and get some proper information on ONE subject and become proficient at one before moving onto the next. Then once they’re finished all four courses they can then practice them all together if required.

Training is no different. You should have a definite aim set out in your head, it doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose fat, become a better runner, hit a perfect front lever, look sexy as hell naked or be a ripped and huge Mo’Fo’. All your training should be directed towards achieving your chosen goal. You need to ask yourself with every exercise “Why am I doing this, does it help me achieve my goal and if it does, am I placing it right in my schedule of exercise”.

Really, I’m not just hating on the apps. I’m hating on all the generic information and poorly educated trainers out there in the world directed at ‘helping’ people achieve their goals. Setting out and trying to do something for the first time is daunting as hell. It’s scary and if you’re new to the scene its confusing and you won’t know where to start. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure you’ve got the right information before you start and you’re sure that your hard work is going to get you some results. Make sure to ask someone for help, someone who’s not afraid to change their recommendations based on new findings and recomend something for your needs and situation and not just because it’s ‘what your supposed to do”. Ask them what they think and what their experience is with achieving the same goal you want to achieve. Ask them to explain why they did or didn’t do something and make sure that everything you settle on doing is helping you achieve your goals, because there’s nothing more depressing then working your butt off and getting nothing in return!

In summary, if you want to achieve something make sure what you’re doing is going to help you reach your goals. Don’t do it just because it’s “What you’re supposed to do” and it’s what everyone else does. Make sure your programing (Both exercise AND diet) are tailored to your specific needs and take account of your wants and needs and before you know it you’ll be closer to achieving it than you ever were using Apples highest rated fitness app!