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Holiday eating and training since my return!


So I’m back a week from holidays and its about time I summed up the experience!

Before I get into it though I would recommend to anybody not to stay in Hotel La Paz in Puerto de la Cruz in the north of the Island. The food there, among other things, isn’t great!

Aside from that though my diet in Tenerife wasn’t all too bad considering. It defiantly was a holiday diet with me having ice cream more or less everyday along with one or two days of binging on far too much chocolate. I did however manage to get some good lengthy fasts in there. I went over there knowing that I was going to be easy on myself and enjoy eating the food! My diet has been the best it’s ever been the last few month and I’ve not been on a decent over the water holiday for years so decided that I was going to enjoy it!

When I got back I weighed myself to see how much damage I had done and I had managed to drop down a Kg (which has come back again) which I presume was water weight. I didn’t drink my normal amount of water at all during the holiday and the fact that I wasn’t exercising means the likelihood of it being purely fat is pretty low! Still, to come out the far side weighing the same as when I left is pretty good! Any muscle mass I did loose should come back pretty quick if I lost anything at all!

It was good to get back to working out though and I didn’t realise how much I had missed it! Guess with being all go-go-go you don’t really have time to miss it! I’m fully back into the swing of it now, and am re-calibrating my bladder to be able to handle 3 litres of water a day without needing to wizz every 10 seconds. All in all It was a good relaxing holiday that was relatively healthy and had no serious downsides in terms of training!

I should get another blog in during the week about the suspension training aids I’m making too, if I manage to find the last parts I need for it, but for now, this is all you get!