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God I Hate Pips – Daily Blog #33

Ain’t oranges just deadly? Few fruits emit such a powerful odor, one that can take over a room as soon as the skin is broken.

They’re even better if they’re easy peal, seedless mandarins, the thought of which has me salivating profusely. Initial chews can be a little sour, something that will turn my face to mush pretty quick. But a few bites in you adjust and all you’re left with is sweet orangey goodness.

They are easily my favorite fruit, hands down, with no close second.

Eat wearingly though, because an amazing specimen can be ruined in a moment if it contains a rogue pip.

I actually inspect each one pre chew against the light – I raise it up to the sky, look through its semi-transparent skin, deciding if it’s safe to consume or not. Because damn I hate pip’s in my oranges. If one manages to slip by, it’s not just that particular orange that’s ruined, but the entire moment.

Honest to god, I’m not even kidding. I really hate pips.

I know I look like an idiot repeatedly holding up orange segments to the light ever few seconds, but how about you leave me alone? I’m just a man enjoying an orange.

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