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Goals for 2013


Following from yesterdays post on 2012, here’s my list of goals for this year! Not going to explain them all, my thought process on goals was explained in yesterday’s post. Basically there all on self, professional and quality of life improvement!

  1. Continue to listen to one new album a month, having a list of 12 “Album’s of the month” come January 2014.
  2. Watch 20 new films this year, excluding ones in the cinema. That boils down to one every two weeks, give or take.
  3. Complete any physio on my ankle/leg and get back to full mobility as much as possible.
  4. Continue to concentrate on getting 8 hours sleep a night.
  5. Continue to take notes as required throughout the day.
  6. Start my own “Cookbook” for personal use. Nothing fancy. Some PDF’s in a folder of recipes I found that I like.
  7. Do this at least 5 times a week, starting once I can walk without a crutch pain-free again.
  8. I recently purchased a mobility plan from Steve Maxwell. Come the start of February I want to do this at least twice a week, probably at the weekends.
  9. Continue to eat hard, train hard and get bigger, stronger, leaner and faster. Last years main aim was to get to 75% of where I wanted to be body fat wise. I’m well there now, so going forward I’m going to concentrate on getting bigger. Of course still work on getting my fat down, but that’s no longer my one and only aim. When I’m back in the gym, it’s all for size and strength, rather than fat loss, from now on.
  10. Sprint twice a week at least.
  11. Go on at least 4 hikes around Ireland with friends. Nothing crazy, something to look forward to, a drive to go on, and some fresh air to intake!
  12. Do monello parks driving experience course. There not cheep, but I want to do them. So fuck it, let’s do them!
  13. Start training my neck directly and pick myself up a harness. This is going from advice from MR F!
  14. Work on handstand training 3 times a week. Twice as a quick set at the end of my workouts, once at the weekend with my mobility work!
  15. Buy a new foam roller and use it once a week at least.
  16. Keep Track of every one of these goals on an excel spreadsheet.That’s it for this year! A lot in it, and a lot more than last year, but that’s the way it was planned! Wish me luck!


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