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Formula One, Give Me A Job!


This past weekend I was at the british formula one. It was my first time at a grand prix and as many of you will know, formula one is a huge part of my life. I enjoy both watching the events on tv and keeping up with the technical aspect of the sport whilst also keeping up to date with all news and updates during the week. This ment that going to the grand prix was a big deal for me.

Working in the industry is something I’ve wanted for a long time. I’ve applied for countless jobs and am still actively trying to get into the industry or some other position which will give me experience which will help get me started going in the right direction. Now that I’ve experience a race weekend in the flesh, this want (read: need) to work in F1 is about 200% stronger. The sound, the speed, the entire atmosphere, the whole thing was just amazing and the adrenaline was pumping for the entire weekend.

Overall the weekend was amazing. I am now planning on going to one race a year if I can and continue my efforts to get an engineering position in the sport. It made me realise just how lucky I am to know what I want to do and just what makes my passion surge. I have something to aim and aspire for in a career, something that I rate to be of high importance in my life. Not a lot of people have this and all too many dread going into work on a Monday morning. If I managed to get a position of this nature, I’m sure that going home at the end of the week would be more of a dread then going to work in the mornings.

Remember people, always aspire to do the best you can, work at something your passionate about and challenge yourself in all aspects of life. You’ll live a happier life because of it.