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First Post, again.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a blog and again this one is about weight training and health. I’ve been on the fence as to whether to even start a blog on this but I’ve found my motivation to be dwindling the last few weeks so I’m hoping that this helps gear me on! For those of you whom I don’t talk to that often, here’s a quick brief for the last year on what I’ve been doing since the last blog!
  • Stronglifts (December ’10)- Compound lifts, huge strength increase.
    • Squat – 120 Kg
    • Deadlift – 145 Kg
    • Bent over row – 67.5 Kg
    • Overhead press – 55 Kg
    • Bench Press – 82.5 Kg
  • Injury during american football training, damaged further by excessively tight quad’s, had me out of training from half way through January to half way through March.
  • Final year project and Exams caused my training go downhill pretty fast. Getting sessions in every few days.
  • Move from Dublin back to Tullamore in June. No training bar American Football and some irregular Sprinting.
  • Move to Longford in November, desperately looking for a gym. There is no decant ones with simple bar’s and weights.
  • December, buy some kettlebells in aim to start training as a new year resolution.
  • Setting of New Year Resolutions:
    • Number one aim: Loose Body fat. This is a big thing for me, which I’ll cover again in another post tomorrow.
    • Number two aim: Sort out diet for the long-term. To do this, I’ve been going with the renegade diet. A quick low down: Finish eating at about 8 Pm. No food for 16 hours. Under eat (approx 200 cal) for four hours until 4 Pm. Over eat (the rest of your cals for the day) until 8 Pm. Start again. Low carbs for fat loss (100 grams max a day) to encourage the body to use fat as energy. This is not a short-term thing and is meant as a life long way of eating. Since starting it, I have never had as much energy, strength and I feel great and very healthy. I would recommend it to the dedicated out there, hands down.
    • Number three aim: Get quicker. I need to work on my sprinting. I’ve little to no interest in long distance or endurance, but I want to get faster over short lengths of time. This is mainly for football and trying to improve my skills and become a better player for the team.
    • Number four aim: Be a better hitter in football. Sick of struggling during pass blocking in the game. From now on I’m not going to be pushed around. Erin (Starting QB) takes enough of a beating without me letting an outside linebacker take him out.
    • Number five aim: Get stronger. This is odd for me to have this as the number 5 goal. Since I’ve been 16 I’ve trained for strength. Back then, I was 7% body fat and 65 Kg. I didn’t need to worry about weight. I put on a good bit of size and strength, while keeping a low, but not as low, body fat until the end of first year in college. During 2nd, 3rd and 4th year, I got progressively fatter and trained progressively less. Although during this time I was some what dedicated to the gym, I never concentrated on getting this key element of health under control. So now, its my main aim. Until it’s sorted, I’m not concentrating on strength too much.
This blog is going to outline different things, like my diet, my training and how football is seeing benefits. However, the main reason and method of getting motivation is putting up pictures, measurements and weights. The first post of this kind will be tomorrow, and I will follow this up with some diet information possibly during the weekend, if not sometime next week!
As an introduction I think that’s pretty good, but as always, lets hope this keeps up!