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Don’t Think. Give Thought – Daily Blog #61

You know that aggressive, high-pitched screech that cats makes right before they attack?

“I ain’t playin’, cuz. You betta watch yo’self”

Yeah, I hate that.

And needless to say I didn’t appreciate hearing it first thing this morning as I was making a nice cup of tea.

Our cat Lizard was being pinned into a corner by another cat who felt like her food was fair game. Lizard didn’t agree.

Her ears were pinned back, hair on end, and her back was extended so much I thought it might just snap.

I opened the door and the other cat legged it, leaving Lizard to eat in peace and fall asleep not five minutes later in her warm bed.

But how many humans could do that? Be inches away from a fight one second, and totally relaxed and fast asleep the next?

If they were locked* , maybe, but not first thing on a Tuesday morning.

I think the problem is that we think about things a lot, but never give them any real thought (Cryptic as always, Shane).

We’ve always things on our mind, things that could go wrong and issues that might crop up. And even if you don’t realise it, it’s stressing you out.

But how often do you give these things any thought; a deep look at the situation in front of you, figuring out the actions you need to take to minimize the risks. You never come up with an action plan.

So what happens instead is you end up spending all day with these potential scenarios going through your head and playing on your mind, stressing you out.

And the worst part of it is that most of these scenarios will never happen. So now you’re getting stressed about nothing.

Instead we should figure our what aspects of it worry us most, sit down, and try to do something about it.

We shouldn’t just let our brains aimlessly and constantly “think” about the problem, we should give it some actual thought.

Because thinking about something just mean’s it’s on our minds, but giving it some thought? Well, that gives us our control back.

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